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About Us

Welcome to Antimatter. We identify value, and help bring it to the world.

Everything we do is through the lens of Love, Grit, and Consciousness.

We're a company of Founders across numerous verticals, so we understand how Founders, Execs, and key business decision-makers like you think. We are you, so we get you. To complement that connection, we also leverage world-class experience working directly with customers and generating revenue for ventures and Fortune 500 companies.

An idea is meaningless without a plan. Plans connect goals to objectives, objectives to milestones, milestones to tactics, and tactics to timing. We implement a consultative approach to understand your needs, your business, and then work backwards from the goals you want to reach by a certain time to create an action plan.

As intimate partners, we drive results across all stages of the startup life cycle for our clients, every step of the way. We deliver value across each phase of the engagement, understanding the dynamic set of needs along the journey and pivoting our execution to match.

Welcome to the Future. Feel it.