Welcome to Antimatter.  We identify value, and help bring it to the world.

We're a company of Founders across numerous verticals, so we understand how Founders, Execs, and key business decision-makers like you think.  We are you, so we get you.  To complement that connection, we also leverage world-class experience working directly with customers and generating revenue for ventures and Fortune 500 companies.

An idea is meaningless without a plan.  Plans connect goals to objectives, objectives to milestones, milestones to tactics, and tactics to timing.

We implement a consultative approach to understand your needs, your business, and then work backwards from the goals you want to reach by a certain time to create an action plan.

As intimate partners, we drive results across all stages of the startup life cycle for our clients, every step of the way.  We deliver value across each phase of the engagement, understanding the dynamic set of needs along the journey and pivoting our execution to match.

Welcome to the Future.  Feel it.




We also operate our own 3D printing company -  AntiMatter3D.  We help customers procure the best materials in the world.  We have been able to give back to the community with our 3D printing arm through the e-Nable initiative.  With e-Nable we have printed over 100 prosthetic limbs for children around the world.  The video below captures one of the events we participated in.

To participate, please visit e-Nable at enablingthefuture.org/

Meet The Team


G.Michael Rentz, Jr.


Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Michael Rentz has always been a diversified individual.  From his education, to his experiences both business and personal, Michael Rentz never stops exploring.  If you ask him what he loves to do in his free time, he will tell you, “think.” Maybe that is why he is happiest when he is traveling and seeing the world and new cultures.

Michael also loves “doing nothing.” But doing nothing is quite the contrary of what is happening. Michael is always thinking, reading, discovering, exploring, and experimenting in every facet of life. “The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.” – Albert Einstein.

Michael’s educational background consists of Civil Engineering, Law, and Business. He holds a civil engineering degree, an MBA, and is a licensed attorney in the State of South Carolina. On the surface, these vocations may seem very different, but it is the analytical approach that is the glue that holds them together. Problem Solving.  

Michael’s passion and strength is bringing together individuals, companies, organizations, and ideas to identify, explore, and exploit synergies that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or underutilized.

Professionally, Michael has delivered on all stages. From being a project engineer on the largest, privately-owned construction project in the world, to successfully arguing and winning in front of Federal Judges in Washington DC, and aggressively building a startup under the Maersk Umbrella, Michael Rentz has found success in multiple venues, countries, business practices, and relationship building.


Sean Langston, Jr.


Chief Commercial Officer / Co-Founder

Sean is the full embodiment of positive energy, aggressive action, imagination, and passion all wrapped into one. Born and raised in Washington D.C., and calling Charlotte, NC his true “North Star,” Sean has made tremendous impact within the Silicon Valley tech landscape, the global logistics industry, and entrepreneurial ventures.

He brings a unique set of professional experience, having driven Strategy, Business Operations, Communications, and Marketing excellence at eBay, PayPal, and Maersk Group. His direct personal and professional network consists of executives, key decision makers and influencers across the High Tech, Banking, Entertainment, Government, Non-Profit, Venture Capitalism/Private Equity and Real Estate verticals.

Sean has launched ventures across Professional Development Consulting and Mobile Gaming. Dreamskape, a mobile application development company he founded, focuses on leveraging trending and soon-to-be-trending topics to create mobile game applications. Keys to Success was one of the venture’s biggest successes, generating 20,000+ downloads in the Apple and Google Play app stores and generating 1400% profit. Sean was responsible for driving the revenue generation of this venture, leveraging innovative growth hacking tactics and agile go-to-market strategies to maximize digital user acquisition, retention, and purchasing.

He also built and managed Up & Go, a professional development consulting business focused on servicing, guiding, and nurturing millennials to connect them to employment opportunities. Over an 8-month period, this service connected 143 students and graduates that built an online community of inspired millennials.

Beyond business, Sean enjoys reading, playing chess, boxing, biking, and looking for the next best “Old Fashioned” cocktail. Most importantly, Sean puts integrity first and believes firmly in one statement above many others: When all is said and done, more should be done than said.


Matt Wong

Partner - Chief Technology Officer

Matt is the founder of Liquidaty, a software startup that automates complex data tasks such as processing heterogeneous loan data. 

Prior to founding Liquidaty, Matt was an investment banker at JPMorgan, where he led over $70 billion of securities origination, advised clients on bank M&A transactions and portfolio valuations, was heavily involved in private label mortgage resolution, and led the first post-crisis new-origination RMBS, architecting a new representation & warranties framework that is still in use by many issuers today.

Matt holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale College, an MBA from Columbia Business School and a JD from Columbia Law School. He is admitted to practice law in New York and is a CFA® charterholder.


Timothy Simpson

Tim is a global strategist and marketer with roots in the advertising, telecommunications, transportation and logistics industries. With an MFA in Poetry and an eclectic and varied background, Tim brings something unique to any organization looking to build an iconic brand and foster smart, original programs and initiatives. After 9 years developing multiple brands owned by a global Fortune 150, Tim branched out on his own to reach more organizations with his passion and originality and has since grown a strong following of loyal clients. 

Tim is a versatile and dynamic creative director with a natural way of leading and setting the tempo for large teams of writers, strategists and designers while specializing in Commercial Strategy, Branding, Experience Design, Strategic Communications, Digital Innovation, and Culture Building. During his career Tim has worked with a long list of companies, which include: AT&T, Harley Davidson, WWE, Maersk, Avaya, IBM, Allergan, NYSHEX, SSPC, NAFA, and many others.


David Betts

Chief Operations Officer

David has always had a love for business, starting his first business when he was just 11 years old, shipping Warheads candies from China and (with the help of his parents) selling them to local gas stations. From there, it was landscaping and Christmas trees and transitioned to promoting and organizing concerts in High School.

As a Freshman at College of Charleston, David used his connections with promoters, agents and musicians to form Brightsound Entertainment alongside 2 other partners. Within a period of 4 years, Brightsound did over $4.1 million in gross ticket sales, including; 38 one-off shows, 3 routed tours, 4 regional festivals and one international sell-out festival in Nassau, Bahamas. David wore many hats during this time, but concentrated his efforts on marketing and selling tickets. The skill sets he honed include digital media marketing (social media, Google ad-words, YouTube ads, drip email campaigns, re-targeting, etc.), Press Releases, Print Media, Radio Promotion and Guerilla marketing.

After College, David was no longer impassioned by the promotion business, so he sold the business and its events and moved on. David was able to use the rising tide of Short Term Rentals along with the deflated real estate prices of the time to build a portfolio of properties in Charleston and Atlanta. With over 20 properties under a mixture of ownership and long-term commercial leases, David has been able to build a team around him to optimize the business. He is always investing and learning about new businesses and is always looking for his next venture.



Jon Adkins

Chief Financial Officer

Over the past five years, Jon has been heavily involved in the world of building businesses from scratch. His past ventures include MunchCity, an online ordering and delivery service for restaurants, and Fresh White Tee Club, an online subscription service for men’s white undershirts.

His work with MunchCity consisted of delivering a “system of systems” to provide a seamless online ordering platform with a tandem delivery web app for drivers to ensure accurate ordering and on-time delivery of fresh, tasty eats from restaurants that had never been able to deliver before.

The impact he was able to make within his local community of restaurant owners and staff kept him inspired. He pivoted to Fresh White Tee Club, where he attacked one of mankind’s “biggest” inconveniences – nasty pit stains on a frequently worn white t-shirt. This venture was profitable and allowed him to see just how much opportunity the internet presented for scaling a business to markets not physically near.

When not thinking about the most efficient way to get fresh subs to your door or how to rid your prized linens of embarrassing blemishes, Jon enjoys helping his mom (a teacher in New Jersey) plan lectures and student plans. He comes alive when he has the opportunity to directly affect a student’s learning outcomes.


Corey Machado

Head of Marketing & Creative

Corey Machado is an award-winning filmmaker with work showcased at various film festivals. His short documentary “Oasis” won Silver at the 37th Annual Telly Awards. He is skilled in both above and below the line production roles.

Throughout his career, he’s developed various marketing strategies beyond the videography scope, driving photography, graphic design, SEO, and B2B/B2C sales strategies. He’s produced content for top brands like MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Martin Guitar, Taylor, Gibson, and more. His online presence has attracted 10k subscribers and garnered 6+ million views cumulatively on the web. His creative presence continues to expand on a daily basis.

Corey earned his B.A. at Ramapo College and briefly attended NYU’s TISCH Film/TV Program. He currently produces commercial content for ‘As Seen on TV,’ and tackles other freelance and consulting projects as well. He aspires to build a community of creators via engaging content and experiences that can live beyond the moment.

His strength is weaving together a suite of media activities to create a compelling narrative that sticks with consumers of his content forever. His creative vision and passion allow him to deliver with the observer’s perspective in mind.


Mario Giannobile

Strategic Advisor

Mario Giannobile has a long track-record of success as a Sales, Operations, Corporate Strategy, and Commercial Management leader within the transportation and logistics industry. Currently approaching his fifth year as Senior Director of Sales at Maersk Line, he is responsible for all commercial supply chain activities for customers domiciled on the East Coast of the United States. His experience has allowed him to build relationships directly with Fortune 500 executives across all verticals and markets.

Prior to his current role, Mario was the Northeast Sales Director for Maersk Line, with a focus on the apparel and fast-fashion market segments. 

A native of New Jersey, Mario is a graduate of St. John’s University with a B.S. in International Business and holds Supply Chain certificates from The Ohio State University and IMD Business School. Mario is married and has a daughter who means the world to him.

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